Ace Office - DAMS Elev8 Sit-Stand Desking

The ability to sit and stand during the average working day has huge health benefits to the user, helping to burn calories, boost energy levels, improve posture and promote mental well-being. In addition to the numerous health benefits provided by periodic standing, studies show that Elev8 2 height adjustable desks promote creativity, team interaction, collaboration, and the willingness to share ideas. The Elev8 2 Touch desking range provides the ideal solution to address the issue of employees who have a sedentary desk job and who do not spend enough time standing during the working day. Sit-stand desks create an environment where colleagues can collaborate at standing meetings before adjusting their desk back to a seated height to continue with their routine tasks. ELEV8 2 TOUCH SIT-STAND DESKING STRAIGHT RETURN DESK BACK-TO-BACK STYLES 4 5 DESKING ELEV8 2 TOUCH