Ace Office - DAMS Conference and Meeting Tables

Our highly adaptable meeting room tables are an excellent choice for conference, office, meeting and training facilities with the ability to quickly and easily configure a room and to meet the demands of any user group. Meeting tables are designed to help you work efficiently, with arrangements that are quick and easy to setup or reconfigure when needs change and to support any number of people or type of work. MEETING Modular Tables Finish Options Table tops available in Beech, Maple, Oak, Walnut and White. Frames available in various options with different leg frames. Tops Frames Straight folding leg Black ( K ) Chrome ( C ) Silver ( S ) White ( WH ) Deluxe fliptop Black ( K ) Silver ( S ) White ( WH ) Fliptop Silver ( S ) Curved folding leg Black ( K ) Chrome ( C ) Silver ( S ) White ( WH ) Radial leg Black ( K ) Chrome ( C ) Silver ( S ) White ( WH ) Flexi Graphite ( G ) Silver ( S ) Beech ( B ) White ( WH ) Maple ( M ) Oak ( O ) Walnut ( W ) 242 Folding Leg Tables Folding leg tables combine simplistic good looks with versatility and these sturdy tables are a practical choice for all meeting rooms, offering easy manoeuvrability and storage Fliptop Tables Fliptop tables are available in two different leg frames with the ability to quickly configure a room, and can also be folded together for easy storage Radial Leg Tables Deluxe radial leg tables, available in Black, Chrome, Silver and White, with tubular legs can be used is a variety of configurations to meet the demands of any user group Flexi- Tables Offering complete mobility and functionality, our Flexi tables are solid, reliable and built to last. Available in a wide range of sizes, Flexi tables can be used in multiple combinations Details & Features 243 MEETING ROOM TABLES